Bryce the Third writes, performs and produces hip hop cooked in soul based on his evocative urban poetry. Standing strong on solid, straightforward back beats and focused on surgically precise writing and dynamic lyric delivery, hip hop from Bryce the Third sets truth to music and cranks it all the way up.


He cites as main artistic influences Lauryn Hill, Eminem, B.I.G., Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Andre 3000, Killer Mike, Nipsey Hussle, and Kanye West. He is CEO and owner of 3 Feet Entertainment LLC


“First and foremost, it's hip hop,” says Bryce the Third. “My music is a reflection of all of my experiences along with the experiences of others I've been witness to. I pride myself on fiery and meticulous lyricism. I aim to tell vivid stories and uplift people with my music along with putting them on-game.”


Bryce has more than enough ammunition for gritty, audience-gripping storytelling. Raised by a single mother, and becoming himself a father at 16, he fought with drug addiction before ditching his demons and dedicating himself to his craft.


“I come from where poverty is cyclical,” writes Bryce the Third. “Statistically, we're not supposed to make it out. I just want to tell that story, that perspective.”


To this end, Bryce's writing often tends toward the empowering and the socially aware.


Asked to describe his themes, he says, “I talk about the come up, thinking differently and being OK with being yourself. I aim to uplift and to share my experiences with people who can relate as well as with people who may not be able to. I talk about what it's like coming from nothing but the love in our supporters' hearts to getting where we want to be – manifesting our dreams and goals.”


Inkster Michigan's Bryce the Third released his “The Rough Art” EP album on SoundCloud in 2015. His new “Internal Revenue” album is available on BandCamp, SoundCloud and ALL online streaming platforms worldwide now. Get in early.