*Limited drop* Self care shirts available now! 🥳

A lot of you guys and gals expressed interest in the shirt that I wore out to my recent activation “Cheer up Bryce!”…I made this shirt because we tend to pretend that “having it all together” is the only way to be, but often, IDK what the f*%k I’m doing and am NOT OK. When I had this shirt on I felt as if I was a superhero and my superpower was HONESTY. NO, I am NOT OK today…and guess what? That is OK! 🥳 Because this is an experiment, I’m limiting these 100% polyester shirts to only 20 pieces, so pull the trigger on this before they are gone…only if you’re comfortable with being honest with the world and MOST IMPORTANTLY yourself.

We’ll get through this together! 🎉 ⚡️

Your friend,

-Bryce The Third

Bryce Cobb